Green Backlight Kit for Nintendo Game Boy Original and Pocket - by Game Boy Mods UK




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These high quality backlight kits are compatible with both the original Game Boy - DMG and Game Boy Pocket - MGB.

Features include:

  • Built in customised resistors, per colour, for EXCELLENT CONTRAST and EASY INSTALLATION.
  • Adhesive positioning strip to keep the backlight in place.
  • SUPER DIFFUSION - minimal "hot-spotting" and extremely even light distribution.
  • Flexible printed circuit board - no cutting of the LCD frame required.

Installing a backlight naturally reduces perceived contrast of the display. To address this we recommend installing a HEX INVERTER / BIVERT MOD to get the best results.

Installation tips:

Make sure that you install the polarisation film the right way up - with the curved/concave side facing the LCD (UP) and the side that has a blue stripe on the protective film facing the backlight panel (DOWN).

Remove the protective film from BOTH SIDES of the polariser and from the FRONT of the backlight panel.

Use the adhesive strip located on the back of the panel to fix the backlight in place. Position as flat as you can to the bottom side of the LCD frame - this ensures that the reflector bar (the dark area in the lower section of the backlight) is straight and sits below the bottom row of pixels.

Designed and manufactured by Game Boy Mods UK.