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Green Translucent Budget Buttons For Nintendo Game Boy

New Green Translucent Budget Buttons For Nintendo Game Boy

These are NOT original Nintendo parts but a third party alternative.

These new parts are a budget replacement for original Game Boy buttons.

Good for saving a few pennies - these commonly found reproduction buttons are the ones that most other vendors sell. Good to save a few pennies but angular and cheap feeling.

You may need to remove some plastic from the pivot ball to allow for diagonal button presses depending on your build.

For more premium quality buttons for the original Game Boy, please see our range of CUSTOM GAME BOY BUTTONS or NES STYLE BUTTONS.


  • 1 x D-Pad
  • 2 x A/B Button
  • 1 x Matching Power Switch Cover
  • Brand: Deadpan Robot
  • Product Code: DMG-B-GRN-BUDG
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £2.50

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