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DMG First Steps - Disassembling A Nintendo Game Boy

14/04/2017 1 Comment(s) Tutorials,

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The basics of opening up and taking apart your Original Game Boy - DMG


You will need:

  • 2mm Y or TRI wing screwdriver
  • 2.5mm Phillips head screwdriver



  • To open the Game Boy, using the TRI wing screwdriver, remove the six screws from the back of the console (two are located within the battery compartment).


HEADS UP – Keep these screws for either, putting back together or, if replacing with a new shell the original screws are best.


  • Next, detach the front PCB from the rear by carefully pulling the ribbon cable out of its socket. Be gentle and try not to bend it too much.


  • Your Game Boy will now be in two halves; the front PCB (with the LCD screen) and the rear PCB (with the battery compartment and cartridge slot)


  • To remove the rear PCB take out the four screws with the Phillips head screwdriver, two on the main board and two at the bottom on the headphone jack. The PCB will pull out with two attached battery terminals and two small PCBs, revealing the metal shielding for the cartridge slot. This is removed by simply taking out the four screws holding it in place.


  • When putting the PCB back in place make sure you put the small side PCB (DMG-CONV) in place first.


AGAIN – Keep these screws.


  • The rear PCB will have the link port bung (if you are lucky enough to still have it) and the board will be holding the power switch in place so set these aside if you wish to keep/reuse them. Also, slip the power switch in before tightening the screws when putting back together.


  • To remove the remaining three battery terminals which are held in by clips bend these forward and they will slide out. (If they are in good condition keep them, (we recommend a clean in white vinegar) alternately if they are corroded you can get some new ones here. Also when replacing, these clips will need to be bent back out to hold them in place.


NOTE - The top battery terminal will be labelled 'W1' while the bottom two are 'W2'.


  • To remove the front PCB remove the ten screws holding it in place with the Phillips head screwdriver, then gently prise the PCB away from the shell, be careful around the LCD as this will be stuck in place. Try to maintain equal pressure across the board. This will lift away with the speaker attached. Position the speaker first when reassembling.


  • Now you can take out the three pieces of silicone and then the buttons. If you need to take off the screen lens this usually just pops out or with a little gentle pressure by lightly twisting the shell.

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