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Upgrading a Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 with a back-lit LCD (AGS101)

Posted by Juan 21/09/2019 0 Comment(s) Product Info,


If you want to get YOUR SP upgraded, it can be done with some soldering, plus the cost of another small module to power the backlight in the new LCD (VR++ includes brightness control).


But better than that - we actually have some AGS101 PCBs, so if you want to trade your SP in (£20), we can supply you with basically a complete AGS101, in a new shell.
Put it together yourself:
VR++ module for adding AGS101 LCD to SP - £20
AGS101 LCD - £75
New Screen lens - £3
AGS101 PCB - £35
AGS101 LCD - £75
Shell etc - £15
We always charge a minimum £25 for mods, plus parts and shipping.

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