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Custom Game Boy Orders

Custom Modified Game Boy Consoles From The UK

We regularly provide custom bespoke custom consoles to customer's specifications and cover all of the basics including:

  • GameBoy DMG-01 Backlight and Bivert mod
  • GameBoy Advance Backlit LCD (AGS101) mod
  • GameBoy Advance Frontlit LCD (AGS001) mod

The cost is generally £25 plus the cost of the parts you require and shipping - (DMG from £80, GBA from £100).

We also have our "Modders Program" - a collection of talented individuals who are able to take your custom console to the next level - Rechargeable Battery mods, Internal Midi Sync (Arduino Boy), RGB style internal LED arrays, Hydrographic paint jobs and more.

The list is growing and we hope to eventually cover most of the world providing local contacts for commission work and inspiration for the development of new and exciting modifications.

If you are a Game Boy modder taking commission work and would like to be part of our program please CONTACT US with your details, including your website, Facebook and Instagram account.