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LCD Mods - AGB

LCD Mods - AGB

Modding a GameBoy Advance with a backlit LCD makes it one of the best retro handheld consoles available.

The ability to play GBA games as well as the entire GameBoy and GameBoy Color back catalogue on a pixel perfect full colour LCD puts this modified console ahead of any emulator system as the best way to play classic Game Boy games.

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40pin Type B AGS101 Back Lit Game Boy Advance SP LCD Ribbon Adapter Cable

These ribbon adapters are tested and guaranteed to work with the reproduction LCD screens for Game B..


Backlit Replacement AGS101 LCD for Game Boy Advance / SP

These displays are a reproduction of the backlit LCD from the AGS-101 - a variant of the G..


NEW IPS LCD For Game Boy Advance by Funny Playing New -10%

NEW IPS LCD For Game Boy Advance by Funny Playing

With this kit, you can modify your original Nintendo Game Boy Advance Hand-held with a BEAUTIFUL new..

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