SNES Series Game Boy Zero Button Kit

SNES Series Game Boy Zero Button Kit

SNES Series Game Boy Zero Button Kit

PAL SNES / Super Famicom style GameBoy Zero button kit! These configurable kits enable you to truly customise your Raspberry Pi / Emulation Station / Recalbox build with your choice of button styles.


1 x DPad

1 x Power Switch Cover

4 x A/B/X/Y style buttons

2 x Button silicone pads (enough for 4 buttons)

1 x Start / Select silicone pad

1 x DPad silicone pad

Options Available:

Top Row / Bottom Row buttons - Choose to have DMG style (Domed/Convex/"outie") or NES Style (Scooped/Concave/"innie") buttons for a different feel and feedback.

DPad - Choose between DMG Style and NES style DPads to complete the look of your console.

Start / Select - options for different styles of Start / Select silicone parts for your build.

Extra Buttons? - Need 2 extra buttons for a 6 button build? Or maybe you are adding L&R to the back? Add two buttons and a silicone pad for them in either DMG or NES style - Choosing "6 Button" will add an extra top and bottom row button in the same colour as the DPad.

Manufactured by RETRO MODDING.

These are NOT original Nintendo products, these are a third party alternative.

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