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Terms & Conditions

All sales are protected by the sales of goods act 1979 including all amendments.

Products may display certain manufacturing marks such as flashing or marks resulting from imperfections present in the manufacturing mould.
Due to differences in displays and devices, the actual product colour may differ slightly.
All items are considered bespoke and "second hand" unless otherwise stated in the items description.

The buyer, upon completing a purchase, agrees to all terms and conditions raised in this document.
All goods are covered by a 30 day guarantee starting from the date of purchase. Your receipt is your record of this, which will be supplied to you in email form.
The seller, upon receiving confirmation of a sale, will process an order within 3 working days from the time the purchase was made. 
All items are sold at GBP value and any other currency will be converted at the current exchange for the selected method of payment.
The seller retains the right to refuse and/or cancel any order at any time without notice. In this instance a refund will be given minus any transaction fees or postage costs.

Please allow up to 7 days for UK delivery and 30 days for all other countries.
If the order is not received within this time it is the buyer's responsibility to raise a support query using the contact us button located in the footer of every page of the Deadpan Robot website.
If you opt out of tracked shipping you agree that Deadpan Robot is exempt from any liability for damage or loss of your order.
Deadpan Robot is not responsible for any customs related charges that arise as a result of your order. It is the buyer's responsibility to investigate any such charges, procedures or restrictions before placing an order.

The buyer will automatically get a 14-day "cooling off" period when they buy something they haven’t seen in person - This does not apply to bespoke/customised items or orders for custom consoles.
If after delivery the item is found to be faulty it must be returned to an address arranged between the buyer and Deadpan Robot at the buyer's expense within 30 days. A full refund of the price of the returned goods will be issued as well as postage costs of the original sale.
If upon receipt of the returned goods the item(s) are found to have been tampered with in any way or are not in the condition which they were sold, no refund will be issued.
If after the 30 days an item becomes faulty or ceases to function correctly, a repair service can be offered. However, any issue must first be raised by clicking the contact us button located in the footer of every page of the Deadpan Robot website.

If foul play or fraud is committed by the buyer (ie a charge back when goods are in transit, items being tampered with or items returned that are not the items sent by the seller) the police, PayPal and any banking establishments involved will be notified immediately and all correspondence between Deadpan Robot and the buyer will cease.
Any other issues or questions you may have please contact us using the button located in the footer of every page of the Deadpan Robot website.

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

By using this website you agree to all of the above.