V1 IPS LCD For Game Boy Advance by Funny Playing

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V1 IPS LCD For Game Boy Advance by Funny Playing

With this kit, you can modify your original Nintendo Game Boy Advance Hand-held with a BEAUTIFUL new IPS LCD.

These new screens produce wonderfully vivid, colour-rich images - a jump ahead in quality and contrast from the beloved AGS101 reproduction or NDSLite LCDs that we are used to.

At a little over 3" Image Display size, with perfect integer scaling, this new display is expansive, bright and pin-sharp.


  • Perfect integer scaling.
  • Bright and colourful IPS display.
  • 10 Level brightness controller BUILT-IN (requires soldering - optional).



  • 1 x IPS LCD.
  • 1 x Ribbon cable adapter (compatible with both 32pin and 40pin boards).


  • Larger windowed glass lens and adhesive gasket kit.
  • 3D printed bracket to help with positioning the LCD in a CENTRAL install.

The current 3D printed bracket requires you to retain part of the brace for the shoulder button spring when making your shell cuts - you can find the file to print your own our thingiverse page.


PLEASE BE AWARE: The V1 ribbon design has some issues which cause a "jelly scrolling" effect (most noticeable in top-down RPG games) and a visible tearing effect in moments of fast transition (from black to white screens for example). This is Version 1 of this project, and it shows incredible promise. In order to develop the interface further, there must be support for the initial release. 



"There is the very real potential that this will be the brightest and most colourful our GBA games have ever looked on original hardware. I am personally using this display in my own GBA at the moment and although YOU CAN SEE ISSUES with the V1 interface, it's not a dealbreaker for me at all. This is a hugely subjective thing. But in my opinion - to get this kind of result with built in brightness control as well, at this price, is great value."

Juan - Deadpan Robot

3D Printed brackets are supplied as a print service - the original files are available on Thingiverse for you to print yourselves:

RetroModding IPS Bracket

JellyBellyCustoms IPS Bracket

NEW GBA IPS LCD manufactured and Supplied by Funny Playing

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